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Harley Quinn in a Movie

June 14, 2013

Hello Hello Hello!Yes,as you can see I have a lot of interests,from philosophy,social shit,astrology to cartoons and comics,even literature and other things.
So I re-watched the “Batman animated series” and almost all of the Batman movies there are.Sure I know the fact that there are a lot of incarnations of Batman…but the movies…ugh…The best movies I recall were the Tim Burton movies,which were the nearest to my expectations(I didn’t watch “The dark Knight Trilogy” yet,only the first movie).P.S:I find the animated series from ’92 the best version.

 photo Harley-Quinn-batman-villains-9850235-507-649_zpsfd101fc8.jpg

So,having a lot of movie disappointments,I still hope for a miracle movie with Batman and I really hope Harley Quinn will appear in one.Harley Quinn,former psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum,known as Harleen Frances Quinzel,fell madly in love with the Joker and ran off with him,killing,stealing for her “puddin”.Her special skills?She’s a talented gymnast,skilled material art fighter,immune to poisons and toxins.
She appeared for the first time in the cartoon,became so popular that she was adapted to the DC comic Universe.I tell you,I just fell in love with her.I mean the way the joker acts toward her says a lot about him too.Let’s hope for a movie with Harley in it,even a small role will do!Damn!!Do you think there will be a Harley movie?If there will be,I hope it’s not going to be a disappointing version like they did with other characters…
Or maybe a movie with “The Gotham city¬† Sirens” would be delirious.

 photo harley_quinn_and_the_joker_by_phoenix8341-d5qmw7b_zpsdd5d5f89.jpg
Don’t you just love the mad relationship between these two?

 photo character_bio_576_harleyquinn3_0_zps612fa318.jpg
Harley is dressed as a classic jester.Sexy isn’t she?Simple and sexy.I hate the fact that characters,like Catwoman are modernized.I think they’re ruined.I support sexiness but I hate it when the female characters get whored up.Like in the Game “Batman: Arkham Asylum“.
 photo __any_last_wordMODERNby_dnxpunk-d4hz13k_zps9f3dbf9a.jpg

And here comes my favorite part,the quotes:

 photo tumblr_mgrt5b4iGz1r9v0g8o1_500_zpsfbc8c4a0.jpg
Harley Quinn: That’s a real gasser, right Mr. J?
The Joker: [grabbing Harley by the hat] I make the punchlines here! Got it?
Harley Quinn: Yes sir.
[Joker bursts from the door, to see Batman hanging above a tank filled with piranas]
The Joker: HARLEY!
Harley Quinn: Hi, Puddin’! You’re just in time to see the…
[Joker slaps Harley across the room, then turns to Batman]
The Joker: Excuse me just a minute.
Harley Quinn: But Puddin’, I-I don’t understand! Didn’t you want to finally get rid of Batman?
The Joker: Only if I do it, idiot!
Harley Quinn: But it’s still your plan, see?
[shows him his blueprints]
Harley Quinn: Everything just like you said, except I hung the guy upside down so he sees the little frowns as little smiles. Now it all works!
[Joker grabs the blueprints and tears them up]
The Joker: Except you had to *explain* it to me! If you have to explain a joke, THERE IS NO JOKE!
[He advances on Harley, growling. Nervously, she grabs hold of a swordfish]
Harley Quinn: Now calm down, Puddin’…
The Joker: You’ve forgotten what I told you a long time ago. One of the painful truths of comedy…
[grabs the swordfish out of her hands]
[Joker whacks Harley with the swordfish, sending her crashing out the window and plunging down several stories to land in a pile of garbage, apparently dead]
The Joker: And don’t call me Puddin’.

 photo Harley_Quinn_zps77ec680f.png
Harley Quinn: You thought I was just another bubble-headed blond bimbo! Well, the joke’s on you, ’cause I’m not even a real blonde.

P.S:If you are a fan of Harley and the Gotham sirens there is a cute flash animation called “the Gotham Girls”.Here is where you can find and watch them.


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